• When the Limit Break of this unit is activated, all units with another copy on the field get +3000 Power during your turn. It fits well with the effect of the Ride Chain, since the effect of Arboros Dragon, Branch and Arboros Dragon, Timber allow you to superior call an unit with the same name on the field, which ensure that you have 3 units with same name on the field. Note that you need to ride Arboros Dragon, Branch call an unit in your first turn so as to gain the effect completely.
  • Its Limit Break is Counter Blast free, so you are advised to add units that use Counter Blast, such as Maiden of Rainbow Wood and Glass Beads Dragon.
  • Corolla Dragon is important in an Arboros Build, for it can achieve 11000 Power with Sephirot's Limit Break. When boosting an unit with 10000 Power or above, this unit can force your opponent to spend more than one on-hand card to guard.
  • Note that the Limit Break of Arboros is a LB4 CONT, which loses effect if you are healed to 3 damage during battle phase. When you are at 4 damage, manage your attack order carefully.
  • In addition to an Arboros Ride Chain Build, this unit can be used in other Neo Nectar builds such as Maiden of Trailing Rose Build and Musketeer Build. It provides end-game power if you can construct the field with copies of units. However, you should not add many Sephirots into a Musketeer deck, or else the Musketeer-specific ability would be hindered.
  • Use Trigger Units as Watering Elf or Blue Rose Musketeer, Ernst for a chance to obtain a maximum advantage of this unit's Limit Break.