• It is best to intercept with all rear guards so that you waste no resources the turn before you activate this ability.
    • Or if you have empty space, just put your front row rear-guards to the back, and after Limit Breaking, move them back to front row. This can help you from sacrificing one/two rear-guards.
  • Since this unit's Limit Break requires a "Discard 3 Cards from your hand" cost, it would be best to use Dragon Dancer, Julia to conserve your hand for the skill and intercept with her on your opponent's turn to empty your front row and then use this unit's Limit Break.
  • Use Eradicator, Electric Shaper Dragon's Break Ride effect, and then use this unit's Limit Break to retire the maximum of 4 Rear-Guards. This works even better in a tag fight as you can retire up to 6 Rear-Guards, although make sure your partner has 0 cards in his/her front row.