• Since you would use more Grade 3 Units than average in a deck employing this card, combining Twin Blader with Three Minutes is a great idea to utilize it to your advantage, being able to drop the extra Grade 3 Units for protection while keeping your hand high.
  • Death Army Guy and Death Army Lady work naturally well in a deck featuring this card. With those Units, you can even manage a full 4-Unit stand with Asura, resulting in at least a few certain hits.
  • Death Metal Droid also works well with this card, since it's able to hit any target by itself. In general, any powerful Grade 2 or higher Unit should be a priority in such a deck, because Asura can generally only stand one Unit at a time, unless you focus a lot on the Death Army Units and also include Stand triggers.
  • Speaking of Stand triggers, there is such a thing as too much Stand in a deck. You do not want to see either Asura's or your Stand trigger's effect wasted. For maximum efficiency you ought to control the ratios of cards in your Units - sometimes Stand triggers should be dropped to make room for other, more universally useful ones, such as Critical triggers.
  • Remember that a deck based on Asura Kaiser won't have as much ability to unflip damage, therefore, you should be careful when using multiple Counter Blast based Units, especially ones such as Brutal Jack
  • A good boosting unit to use with card is Dancing Wolf as standing it would allow it to hit certain numbers and should your opponent use too many shields, you can simply stand a different unit instead.