• If you plan to use this unit's limit break, Grateful Catapult would be a good option. Use Juggernaut Maximum to attack first, use his soulblast for additional 5K which makes him hit with 26K, put him into the deck then use Grateful Catapult's limit break and call either Dudley Douglass or if you don't have enough for a counterblast Highspeed, Brakki.
  • You could also ride Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor for a similar substitute. Though he is slightly weaker than catapult and you will have to send two cards in your hand to the soul to use his effect, he does has his positives too. If you boost him, he would attack with 23000 power plus the boost. To add, he doesn't require a certain card to use his ability, so it's easier to use.
    • Be careful when using this skill with Dudely Emperor, this card is powerful but doesn't guarantee a victory, using it with Dudely Emperor will cost you a lot of hand advantage, and the attackers you call go back to the deck, heavily reducing your guarding capability if your opponent survives that turn.
    • Combining this card with the options of either Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor or Grateful Catapult, you could easily go for a final turn on turn 4 if your opponent has far less hands in their hand then you do. If you could have your bored positioned to have two 8k Boosters on your outer columns and call 2 Juggernaut Maximum to attack first, followed by either Emperor's or Grateful's effect to call another 2 Juggernaughts to the field, your attacks easily reach 26000 (unboosted), 26000 (unboosted), 23000 (higher with a booster), 34000 (boosted) and 34000 (boosted), not calculating any Triggers from Twin Drive.
  • One more option is Unite Attacker and his megablast. If you use his soul charge, he could attack with 22000 power on his own. That improves the odds of his attack getting through and if it does, you could use his megablast to call up to five units, giving you additional wave of full power attacks.
  • When using this on Call Back units (Juggernaut, Brakki, or others), its best to use the Soul blast ability as they will be returned to the deck anyway. Not using the soulblast is a waste, since either way you do this, they will be returned to the deck at the end of the combat either way.