• After riding with this card, you can call it out using Alfred Early, and potentially use its effect again.
  • You can search this card with Solitary Knight, Gancelot, allowing you to reduce the danger of skipping a Ride by having Grade 3 Units that can exchange themselves for Grade 2 Units. You also can do this when you already have a Grade 3 Vanguard and Blaster Blade is not in your soul, that way you can use its effect and exchange a Grade 3 who can't guard or use its effect for a Grade 2 who can intercept.            
    • This card is very effective at destroying targets such as Silent Tom or Special Intercepts, especially for Royal Paladins which lack many relevant skills in terms of retiring. Opt to conserve damage for this effect when possible.
    • This also applies to Grade 3 units that get 10k if a ride is performed, such as Myth Guard, Antares since if those units gets 10k it will be hard to guard against their attacks.
  • If you boost this card with Wingal, you can allow it to cross the 19000 threshold which might make it capable of disposing of many grade 2 or below units. High Dog Breeder Akane can be used to search out Wingal while High Dog Breeder, Seiran can power up Wingal, making the power 23k, enough to for a 15k shield from cross rides.