• It would be best if you already dealt 5 damage on your opponent before you use Platina Ezel, so that Platina Ezel can maximize its Ultimate Break.
  • More Stand Triggers would be encouraged for Platina Ezel as it stands your units, thus they would be able to hit magic numbers again to pressure your opponent and possibly win the game. This works better with rearguards that already hit 11000 Power or higher on their own such as Knight of Passion, Bagdemagus
  • Break riding over Steel Spear Liberator, Bleoberis while risking will give you two more units for Platina Ezel's Ultimate Break for more of an end game push but beware this is a high risk high reward move if you call triggers
  • Riding this unit on top of Solitary Liberator, Gancelot at 4 or more damage and using his Ultimate Break afterwards means that three units will gain +10000 power and another two will gain +5000 power
  • You can use Knife Throwing Knight, Maleagant and Crimson Lion Beast, Howell to unflip damage and activate Platina Ezel's Ultimate Break again.
  • Use Wind Flame Lion, Wonder Ezel when Blond Ezel is your Vanguard to Cross Ride into this card without spending hand advantage and get an extra power boost.
  • If you don't have 5 damage and Blond Ezel is in your soul, you can Stride to push for damage while keeping the 13000 Power for extra defense while preparing for this card's Ultimate Break.