• Use this card's Ultimate Break as long as you know that your opponent has a Perfect Guards or Quintet Walls in his/her hand.
    • Likewise use Deck Sweeper as its booster, and force more guards of Grade 0 units.
  • Use Reliable Strategic Commander or Veteran Strategic Commander to get to five cards in your damage zone.
  • Use this card alongside Blue Storm Marine General, Despina in order to bait your opponent to spend their grade 1 and greater cards (especially Sentinels) to block this unit's (relatively weak) attack.
    • Later on, when you're at 5 damages, use both Despina's and Glory's skill so that you can have an almost unblockable attack (only can be intercepted).
      • Break Riding on Demetrius on the same turn you use the above combo can give you a sure retire on one of your opponent's front row rear-guard (unless it has Resist) even if they tried desperately to defend it, so that your attack will be truly unblockable.