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Card Tips:Cannon Fire Dragon, Sledge Ankylo

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  • Using this card allows you to fuel Savage King's effect, while further powering up your Units.
  • The availability of two different Draw triggers to the Tachikaze allows them to make more effective use of cards such as Archbird, making them a very efficient deck defensive-wise, while their powerful offensive Units push the opponent.
  • If you need to retire a Unit but do not have the damage to use one of the effects that return a Unit to the hand, consider sacrificing a Draw trigger such as this card or Herbivorous Dragon, Brutosaurus, as they have neither high enough Shield nor high enough Power to be vital to your hand or field.
  • Running this card in a Ancient Dragon, Magmaarmor deck allows you to power-up your rear-guards while fueling the resources you need for the revival. Since Magmaarmor doesn't need especial costs, running this card won't hurt the deck consistency.

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