• Superior Ride this card using Dragon Egg, Winged Dragon, Skyptero and / or Assault Dragon, Blightops. This will allow you to gain Grade advantage while still maintaining cards in your hand. Because of this, it is beneficial to allow yourself to take 2 damage early on, if you plan on Superior Riding with this card.
  • Even if you do not have 2 damage, or 2 of the aforementioned Units, you can still Superior Ride this card using Units such as Draw triggers. Because Tachikaze can use up to 8 Draw triggers, you can make up for this loss of card advantage easier than otherwise possible.
  • Rushing with this card to create a 2 Grade gap between yourself and the opponent, if you started first, is a very effective way to take control of the game, as long as it does not backfire with your opponent using the increased damage and your loss of card advantage to counterattack.
  • Because this Unit doesn't have any other effects after you Ride it, it is beneficial to try and replace it with another grade 3 Tachikaze as soon as possible.