• The Phoenix, Calamity Flame, Million Ray Pegasus and Thousand Ray Pegasus are all good targets for the Counterblast effect of this card and to have as rear guards, since they get a power boost even as you take them off the damage zone. Don't forget to keep them unflipped if you want to do this. You may also target Love Machine Gun, Nociel or Happy Bell, Nociel to perform a card swap and boost the power of active Units twice.
  • If you have an extra copy of this card in your hand, you can Ride it next turn to use the Counterblast effect a second time.
  • Lightning Charger is necessary in a Kiriel deck. This unit propels her to 26k with a Soulblast and a Limit Break.
    • Keeping an extra copy of this in your hand or having it in your damage zone allows you to replace an existing copy of this with Love Machine Gun, Nociel or Happy Bell, Nociel to do a card swap, then replace them with Lightning Charger again. This lets you do a card swap with a field full of units that boost when a card is placed into the damage zone without replacing said units.