• Use this card to increase the Power of your Enigman Storm (if Enigman Wave is in your Soul), Enigman Rain or Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha Vanguard, in order to instantly activate their skills and make them easier to hit.
  • Alternatively, using this Unit's effect on a Rear Guard will probably allow you to reach the threshold needed to require more than 10000 Shield from your opponent to defend their Vanguard, which may help you more if, due to various reasons such as Glory Maker, the extra 4000 Power will have no bearing when used on the Vanguard, or if your opponent has an omniguard, or if you only need to get 1 hit in to win.
  • Since Dimension Police don't use many Counter Blasts, this Unit is very valuable in virtually any deck of the clan. Because it doesn't cost you any card presence, it doesn't require you to hit, and it can be used to Intercept after you use it, it is the easiest and safest method of activating Storm's and Daiyusha's skill, and even if the boost seems rather superfluous with Rain, and Cosmo Roar or Masked Police, Grander would be preferrable, it is still recommended you include this card, especially since it tends to make it easier for your Vanguard to hit.