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  • This Unit goes hand-in-hand with Enigman Rain. Use its effect to power up your Vanguard Rain, then use Enigman Rain's effect or a Stand trigger to stand this unit.
    • As of Booster Set 5, this combination has become even more potent. You can place this Unit behind Miracle Beauty, use this unit to power up Enigman Rain, use Miracle Beauty to hit a potential Intercept, and attack with Rain. Standing Miracle Beauty will result in this unit standing as well.
  • This Unit can be placed in a deck based around Enigman Storm or Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha. However, to make these Units reach the required Power thresholds, you will also need some additional effect, like that of Masked Police, Grander or Guide Dolphin because that kind of deck doesn't focus on standing units, also, this Unit's efficiency is reduced.
  • Depending on the field, sometimes it is more advantageous to rest this Unit to Power up a different one and use the unit in front to tackle an intercept unit. You need to observe the field carefully, and calculate the path that will result in your opponent needing the most shield to defend themselves.

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