• This card may be useful behind powerful Rear Guard Units such as Brutal Jack or Asura Kaiser, or Units that have powered up such as Brutal Joker, etc. Using it to boost a weaker Unit will generally result in your attack not hitting. You must employ the effects of Stand triggers, and/or Vanguard effects such as Lion Heat, Gold Rutile, etc. to Stand the Unit in front of this one and attack again.
  • Using this behind Beast Deity, Golden Anglet to get it to attack for 16k consistently when you manage to [Stand] it.
  • Having this unit behind Extreme Battler, Runbhol when his attack successfully hits a vanguard or rear-guard will guarantee that the whole column will stand again. It is advisable to not attack with Runbhol until you get triggers to power it up to ensure the attack will hit.