• If you have this card and Turquoise Beast Tamer in the same column, and another Crimson Beast Tamer in the Soul, you can attack for 20000 Power.
  • If you are unlucky and can't get Crimson Beast Tamer to the Soul by Soul Charging, you can use skills such as that of Purple Trapezist or Barking Manticore (which also benefits from having Crimson Beast Tamer being in the Soul) to move it directly from your hand or field.
  • A Pale Moon deck utilizing this card should run 4 copies of it in order to get it to the soul with the highest degree of consistency.
  • This card goes well with a beatdown together with itself, Turquoise Beast Tamer, and Barking Manticore.
  • Another way to get this card into the Soul is to use the effect of Dancing Princess of the Night Sky and use her Counterblast to send the former directly into the Soul.