• Having this unit as your vanguard may force the opponent to use extra shield when guarding due to the increased odds of your vanguard getting an extra 5000 Power. For example:
    • If you have 30 cards left in your deck, of which 12 are triggers, even with Twin Drive the odds of getting a trigger are below 50%
    • If you have 30 cards left in your deck, of which 12 are triggers and 4 are Grade 3, with this unit as your vanguard the odds of getting +5000 Power are above 50%
  • A good unit to use in conjunction with Brigitte is Solitary Knight, Gancelot. You can use Gancelot's skill to shuffle him back into the deck both to call Blaster Blade and to get an extra Grade 3 that could possibly come up as a drive trigger check, thus activating Brigette's skill.
    • You can shuffle Gancelot back into the deck even if you no longer have any Blaster Blades to call.
    • This is the strategy that Trial Deck 1: Blaster Blade is based around.
  • Running cards Like Lake Maiden, Lien, that can help to remove the Grade 3s from your hand if they cluster your hand is very helpful.
  • Perfect Guards work better with this card than Quintet Walls as with higher amounts of Grade 3s in your deck, you both have more card to use as fodder and are more like to call a Grade 3, therefore no shield, in the quintet wall.