• This card offers very good utility for Oracle Think Tank decks, increasing their total hand and field presence. The downside is that it also provides free cards to your opponent - one of the keys to mastering this card is to utilize the extra advantage more effectively than your opponent can.
  • This card works well for effects such as Weather Girl, Milk, CEO Amaterasu and Goddess of Fortune Flowers, Sakuya, since it goes a long way towards activating their effects while providing an additional boost.
  • This card works with cards such as Battle Sister Chocolat, Petal Fairy, Omniscience Madonna, Oracle Guardian, Blue-Eye, Secretary Angel, Faithful Angel. These cards can make use of extra cards in your hand even if they are not optimal to your current needs.
  • Exploit the effects of Cocoa and Amaterasu to predict which card you will draw, and avoid drawing into a possible trigger.
  • Unless you absolutely need to use it, it is best to avoid using this card until later in the game, to prevent giving your opponent easy access to early resources.
    • Conversely, you can use this card to increase your chances at drawing a card of a specific Grade in order not to miss a Ride, or to increase your attacking power for a rush strategy. Note: You will miss the current ride because calling Dark Cat is during mainphase and thats after Ride Phase. You might get a card to Ride next turn.
  • Since this card has 7000 base Power, it is a viable choice for boosting some of the Oracle Think Tank key Units, including Silent Tom, that might otherwise fall short of the 15000 threshold.