• "Dark Soul Conductor" serves primarily to be called to attack, and intercepting for 5K shield and free Soulcharging (once put into the Drop Zone.)
  • Utilize this card with "Blade Wing Reijy" to hit the 15 Soul requirement for +2 Critical, or with "Demon World Marquis, Amon" to boost his attack during your turn.
  • This card, along with "Hysteric Shirley," provide consistent Soulcharging that Dark Irregulars need in order to activate powerful effects.
  • Because this card has 8K attack, boost this card with "Poet of Darkness, Amon" once you have more than 6 cards in your Soul to hit for 17K, forcing out 10K shields (assuming your opponent opponent has the standard 10K Grade 3 Vanguard.)
  • If this card is used alongside "Blade Wing Reijy," once "Blade Wing Reijy" hits the 15 Soul requirement, keep your opponent at 3 damage (to limit counterblasts), and call this card to rear-guard. Attack your opponent with "Blade Wing Reijy" and force out massive guard, then proceed to swing at their rear-guards with "Dark Soul Conductor," eventually exhausting your opponent's resources.
  • This works well with Blade Wing Sullivan as it will make up for the soul blasted cards from its own effect