This card can be fairly easy to superior ride if you run three or four of its lower forms (deadly spirit and deadly nightmare) and three or four of it (I recommend three deadly swordmasters). Use cards that allow you to choose which cards go to the drop zone like Captain NightKid and Chappie the Ghostie. Also you can use cards that mill cards off the top of your deck but those are riskier and you can deck out if you aren't careful. Also both Deadly Nightmare and Deadly Spirit can return from the drop zone so you shouldn't have too much trouble keeping them on the field until you can get out Deadly Swordmaster.

If you have one Deadly Swordmaster in your hand and one in the drop zone and you have the right requirements for the superior ride I suggest superior riding and putting the one in your hand in rear guard. That way you have two 11k attackers on the field instead of one.