• This Unit is one of the most powerful front line Rear Guards in the Nova Grappler clan. Its cost is ridiculously easy to fulfill, since with a multitude of unflipping effects such as Claydoll Mechanic, Hungry Dumpty, Super Electromagnetic Lifeform, Storm, Mr. Invincible, Gold Rutile and others, it can use its effect again and again. It is splashable in nearly any Nova Grappler deck that utilizes some of these Units.
  • Because of its skill, it can hit any target by itself without boost. It is most useful when combined with Tough Boy or another strong Grade 1 Unit, so it can hit for 20000 or higher Power and force more guards from the opponent.
  • Due to its natural ability to hit for 13000 Power, it is a great tool for getting rid of dangerous Rear Guards that stand at 8000 Power, such as Silent Tom or Tail Jaw.
  • This card can yield amazing results in a deck based on restanding Units (such as with Asura Kaiser. If you are able to stand both this and the Unit behind it again by Stand triggers or effects, the results can be disastrous for your opponent.