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  • This Unit works extremely well with Doreen the Thruster. For each Unit you place in the Soul with Amon's effect, both Amon and Doreen receive a power-up, and one of your opponent's Rear Guards is retired.
  • If you want to use a mixed deck, you can use Blazing Flare Dragon, Chain-attack Sutherland and / or Demonic Dragon Madonna, Joka along with Doreen and this card. With only a few activations of this skill, explosive power can be created. Since you will be using Kagero, you can use Draw triggers such as Gattling Claw Dragon to provide the material needed for this card's effect.
    • Be forewarned that Amon cannot target non-Dark Irregulars Units for his effect, and non-Dark Irregulars Units in the Soul do not count towards Amon's power up.
    • Keep in mind mixed decks are no longer legal in tournament play.
  • It is advisable to Ride Amon after you build a sizeable Soul with Decadent Succubus , or by using Stil Vampir, Demon Eater and especially No Life King, Death Anchor, to enable it to attack at high power right off the bat. Poet of Darkness, Amon is a reasonable booster for this card if you do not want to use its own effect consistently with Doreen.
  • Amon can retire one of the opponent's Rear Guards on a One-for-one basis, so you don't lose out on card advantage. However, it is advisable to save this skill for getting rid of interceptors to push for the Final Turn, since this skill will compromise your ability to defend and/or your field advantage.

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