• While one of the easier Advance Ride cards that the Kagero unit cards have, this card only has 9000 power while the other, more difficult advance ride cards have 10000 power. This is a good substitute card for superior riding, except its better to play it only when you can't play other superior rides.
  • There are currently 3 cards that can destroy a card before a Grade 3 unit hits the field, meaning there can be 12 cards in a Basic Kagero deck that can trigger this superior ride effect: Gattling Claw Dragon, Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara, and Berserk Dragon.
    • Keep in mind that the effect must be triggered during the main phase in order to superior ride, so you cannot ride Berserk Dragon then superior ride Yaksha.
  • Another possibility is to ride Prowling Dragon, Striken, then ride this unit on top of it after retiring an enemy rearguard. This will give you a Vanguard with Power 14000/Critical 2 for the current turn, which will be especially useful if you went second and managed to do 2 damage during your first turn: the opponent has to guard your Vanguard's attack, or risk taking 4 damage due to a double critical trigger (and that's only if he guarded the attacks of your rearguards).
    • Even if you went first you can still force the opponent to guard at least one of your attacks by calling two rearguards, as that would make it theoretically possible to do 6 damage in one turn.
  • Superior Ride this card to be able to twin drive at least 1-2 turns ahead of your opponent. Then, simply ride over him. Extra copies of Yaksha are easy choices to discard for the likes of Flame of Hope, Aermo and Wyvern Guard, Barri.