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  • Since this unit cannot attack Rear Guards, if it attacks while unboosted, it is best if it attacks first, just in case the opponent powers up the Vanguard via a damage trigger, rendering Djinn unable to attack.
  • Exorcist Mage, Koh Koh, Exorcist Mage, Roh Roh and Exorcist Mage, Rin Rin can lift up this unit's [cont] skill, make it able to hit rear-guard with 12k without any restriction.
    • Exorcist Mage, Koh Koh behind this unit in rear-guard circle can force your opponent to pull out a 10k guard, if you're attacking a 10k unit.
    • Exorcist Mage, Roh Roh behind this unit in vanguard circle allows it to hit for 21k.

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