• This Unit's effect to power-up and send itself to the Drop Zone is mandatory, so be careful when using it.
  • Use Units such as Samurai Spirit and Dandy Guy, Romario to take advantage of this card's Power boost.
  • The best targets to sacrifice in order to revive this Unit are Grade 3 Units you have called as rear guards and that are no longer useful, such as Spirit Exceed and Witch Doctor of the Abyss, Negromarl.
  • Use Chappie the GhostieGuiding Zombie, Gust Jinn, King Seahorse, Evil Shade and Ruin Shade to get this card to the Drop Zone from the hand or deck.
    • Gust Jinn and King Seahorse allow you to send the specific card you need, but you must have it in your hand first. Chappie the Ghost does the same, but fetches it from the deck instead.
  • Use Hades Steersman to maintain power advantage. When you ride a Grade 3 unit into your vanguard circle, you could revive Steersman then retire it to revive a Grade 1 unit (Samurai Spirit or Deadly Nightmare). This would result in a 20000 Attacking Dragon Undead with ONLY using Counterblast 2 (using Steersman to revive a Grade 1 unit behind Dragon Undead.)