• This card is good against cards like Knight of Fury, Agravain, Perfect Raizer, Asura Kaiser and Dragonic Overlord. When this effect is activated, binds all your opponent rear-guards which effectively means Agravain would lose its bonus +1000 for each rear-guard after Mega Blast, and a -2000 power for Perfect Raizer/Asura Kaiser/Dragonic Overlord
  • The 1st effect is complimentary to the 2nd effect . When cards are binded, they are not on the field and thus it fulfills the requirement of +3000P when your opponent has 2 or less rearguards.
  • When you activates the Limit Break, Lizard Soldier, Raopia and Dual Axe Archdragon can be helpful during that turn since 3 of their skills (including Lawkeeper's normal ability) have the same condition. Raopia's ability to boost 10000P to vanguard and Dual Axe Archdragon +3000P during the turn.
  • Note that when the bound units are called at the end of turn, they can be called in any order or position. This can allow your opponent to improve their formation.
  • Note that this Limit Break, if used haphazardly, can aid your opponent.  When your opponent calls their rearguards back from the bind zone, they reuse on-call effects again.  Plus, the Limit Break prevents you from attacking your opponent's more dangerous rear-guards.
  • If you want to be absolutely sure not to have your opponent get any benefits from this card's LB, use the main Kagero style (retiring rearguards) to remove cards with on-call effects and probably even Especial Intercepts and important cards. This can be added to the deck so that there will be less need for you to be forced to activate this unit's Limit Break.
  • This Limit Beak is low in cost, thus it is possible to add Counterblast-heavy units such as Berserk Dragon into the deck.