• This card is good for a destruction based Kagero deck. It punishes the opponent for not playing cards you can destroy to boost units such as Blazing Flare Dragon or Demonic Dragon Madonna, Joka. Even if they play units to prevent this card from getting the extra 3000 power, you can easily destroy the back row units with cards like Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara or Gatling Claw Dragon.
  • If Dragonic Lawkeeper is your Vanguard and you are on 4 or more damage, you can use its Limit Break!! and your opponent will have no Rearguards, thus this card will be able to use its effect. Boost with Embodiment of Armor, Bahr for 21000 Power, easily reaching "Magic Numbers".
  • This is a good card to combo with Dragonic Overlord, after activating Dragonic Overlord's Counterblast to destroy most of your opponent's front units, (assuming your opponent only has two or less back units), Dual Axe Archdragon can easily activate his skill.