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  • The availability of the Draw trigger, Cheerful Lynx, makes the cost of this Unit a little easier.
  • Although a popular method when trying to push for game is to call Juggernaut Maximum and use its effect by consuming the Soul fueled by Dudley Dan, Panzer Gale is also an excellent target that can provide an attacker as well as additional Shield.
    • On the same note, consider using unneeded Grade 3 Units from your hand for this card's cost is a good way to conserve Shield.
  • If you have a Vanguard such as Juggernaut Maximum or Sky Diver, they will still be able to reach 15000 Power with this Unit. However, only General Seifried and Unite Attacker will reach more than that, and thus be able to hit 11000 base Power Units easily.
  • Also this unit can easily produce a loop of attackers by summoning Sky Diver.
  • This card is a key to virtually any Spike Brothers deck. Mecha Trainer can be used to gain consistent access to it, which is why it is not advisable to put Mecha Trainer in the front row for early attacks, unless you already have a Dudley Dan in your hand.
  • This Unit's effect activates upon declaration of attack. Caution is needed when you try to use this in combination with General Seyfried. If you fill the last empty Rear Guard slot with Dudley Dan, then Drive check a Grade 3 Unit with Seyfried, you will have nowhere to call it and will have essentially wasted your Counter Blast and potentially useful Shield. You should weigh your options and the odds of getting what you need when using this combination.
  • This Unit can be used to Superior Call a Grade 3 Unit, even if your Vanguard is Grade 2 or lower. You can use this to your advantage in order to gain early power, but be careful when you aren't already holding a Grade 3 in your hand - Dudley Dan's effect will lessen the chances of you drawing one when you need to Ride it.
  • Use his skill to call Sky Diver when your opponent has still grade 1 or grade 2. At that point it would be difficult for him to guard and then you can call another unit from your hand to attack again. If you have Spike Brothers Assault Squad you have a constant boosting unit for the above combo.
  • Call him easily using Mecha Trainer's Counterblast.
  • Use its skill to superior call Devil Summoner to get more units.