• His Mega-blast ability is every Grade-1 or LOWER cards, meaning Grade 0 cards will also be effected. This is a great way to get rid of your opponents cards like Wingal Brave and other key cards that you would be worried about. This is expecially useful against Royal Paladins, as it would decrease King of Knights, Alfred's attack 6k-8k and would limit Soul Saver Dragon 's ability, leaving only destroying the Front rear guards (which is quite easy in a Pale Moon deck).
  • His first ability is best served as a prediction. You can either search for a trigger card and send it to the top of your deck, or put it to the bottom and improve your odds of receiving a trigger in your Twin Drive check. OR you could use his ability to make sure the next card sent to your Soul is a card you need. This ability combos well with, not ONLY trigger units in the deck, but cards like Hungry Clown, Skull Juggler, Rainbow Magician, and Nitro Juggler.