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  • First, Superior Ride this card with Dragon Knight, Aleph, Embodiment of Spear, Tahr, and Embodiment of Armor, Bahr.
    • Counter-Blast [1] to Superior Ride this card with Dragon Knight,Aleph and move Embodiment of Spear,Tahr and Embodiment of Armor, Bahr to soul.
    • Counter-Blast 4, Aleph gains +3000 and +1 Critical.
    • Use the second effect and put Dragon Knight, Aleph, Embodiment of Spear, Tahr, and Embodiment of Armor, Bahr to the Drop Zone from your Soul.Turn all of your damage face up
    • Counter-Blast 4 again for Embodiment of Victory, Aleph. And Aleph gains +3000 and +1 Critical once again.
    • If boosted by Dragon Monk, Gojo or other Kagero with 7000 power, Embodiment of Victory, Aleph 's power is 23000 and 3 Critical. Killing a Cross Ride
  • You can use a combo of Embodiment of Victory, Aleph's Soulblast, along with a Counterblast consuming unit like Dragonic Overlord to unflip most of your damage and use Counterblasts again.
  • Use this card to have access to a relatively easy Megablast from units like Vortex Dragon.
  • In tag fight, considering you have 8 damage on your side and your partner doesn't have any, this unit's skill can provide you with 2600 power and 5 criticals alone, making this unit very deadly.
  • Aleph is good in mixed decks, preferably with Great Nature damage-unflippers such as Armed Instructor, Bison/Soft Tank Sloth + Stand triggers for a constant 23k & 2 criticals, potentially restanding RG every turn to every other turn.
  • Break-riding this unit on top of Dauntless Drive Dragon gives you the pressure you need, for at least 23k and 2 criticals unboosted, and capable of re-standing your vanguard so that your opponent can be dealed 4 damages minimum if they cannot guard.

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