• You can use White Dragon Knight, Pendragon or Sage of Guidance, Zenon to help get around this card's ride requirement. With the latter, it's possible to break ride over Ashlei, but not too likely.
  • Methods of getting Blaster Blade in soul include Majesty Lord Blaster, Dream Painter and Demon Slaying Knight, Lohengrin. Solitary Knight, Gancelot and Barcgal can be used to search for Blaster Blade in order to ride him.
  • You can use Margal, Silent Sage, Sharon, or Clowdia to build up the soul to use for his attack skill and also to give him an extra +3000 Power so the attack will go through more easily.
  • Note that when you ride Blaster Blade after this card's attack, you can use Blaster Blade's skill.
    • Do note however that you'll rarely ever get a chance to see the re-ridden Blaster Blade use its skill if you use Exculpate the Blaster's ACT skill. If you have every intention to use Exculpate the Blaster's skill, the remaining two damage is best used for other uses that isn't Blaster Blade.
  • Don't ride this card unless you have another grade 3 in your hand, as this card forces you to ride Blaster Blade after using it.
  • If possible, boost this card with Wingal Brave, if you are attacking the entire field, it is extremely likely you will hit at least 1 unit, then Wingal Brave can potentially be used to search for Majesty Lord Blaster or Blaster Blade Burst, guaranteeing a Grade 3 unit to ride the next turn.
  • An alternative to the above is to use Pongal to search for a Soul Saver Dragon, ensuring a grade 3 for next turn as well as pumping up the soul. Do note that this uses up 1 Counter Blast, and it may not be desirable if you do not have a 4th Counter Blast to spare.
  • You can Stride on this card for every turn until you feel to finish off your opponent with its abilities. Attacking with G unit instead of this card will not made the sixth ability used and during your opponent's turn, your vanguard would have a power of 12000.