• You can search this card with Lizard Soldier, Conroe in order to Superior Ride Blazing Flare Dragon.
    • Alternatively, you can use this card to Retire your opponent's Conroe and prevent them from using this strategy against you.
  • After doing that, you can use another copy of this card to reach the required threshold for Blazing Flare Dragon's effect.
  • Other viable targets to use this card on are Barcgal and other Grade 0 Units with various effects, such as Lozenge Magus, Sphere Magus or Battleraizer that have been called out from the Soul.
  • If you run Dragonic Overlords you could use this cards effect to build up extra soul for Flame of Promise, Aermo. Depending on how much you want the soul you could do this even if your opponent lacks any grade 0 rear guards.