• To use this card to maximum efficiency, it may be best to not deal a lot of damage early on and focus on your opponent's rear guards. That will give them less overall units and thus less ability to block, while allowing you to hit easier with both this Unit and your Rear Guards, activating the appropriate effects.
  • Combine this Unit with Magician Girl, Kirara. When Kirara hits, you will be able to first activate her ability to draw, then Rutile's ability to unflip the damage you just flipped - that is useful if you have no other flipped damage. However, you can also activate this Unit's ability first in order to unflip damage, and then Kirara's, if you don't have enough unflipped damage.
    • In the same sense, you can combine this unit with Beast Deity, Brainy Papio to restand a unit for free. Also, if Brainie Papio hits while being boosted by Beast Deity, Max Beat, you can restand Max Beat with Papio, restand Papio with Max Beat and then unflip with Rutile to give you another fully boosted attack for just one counterblast. (Note: This strategy will require you to run many Beast Deity units in your deck which is easily accomplished by utilizing the Beast Deity triggers and sentinal)
  • This Unit combines well with Brutal Jack, since Jack is a powerful Rear Guard Unit that you can hit with and potentially Stand again. The same applies to Brutal Joker and Death Metal Droid - this card can greatly ease their costs. 
  • You can also use Super Electromagnetic Lifeform, Storm for a double unflip.
  • This card is best run with multiple Stand triggers. This gives both its unflip effect multiple chances to activate, and its standing effect synergizes with said triggers.
  • Ideally, you will balance your deck between Counter Blast users, powerful Units that can ensure hits as Rear Guards, and Units that unflip damage. It is tricky to make a good deck based on this, but if you can manage it, you can take maximum advantage of this Unit.