• You can use her Auto ability in a Mistress Hurricane deck. Mistress Hurricane is a Chimera, meaning you can call her to the Rear Guard circle after you ride this over her. Other cards that can be called with Golden Beast Tamer's Auto ability are Barking Cerberus (a Vanilla 10k grade 2 unit) and Barking Manticore (Which can be used to Soul Charge cards for Mistresses "8 or more Soul Charge" Abilities.
  • While she does have the restriction keywords, she gives a bonus of 3k power to your front rear guards. Pale Moons are all about having each and every one of their attacks hit, so while this card might not be able to attack, it's a great card to add if you plan on using cards like Nightmare Doll, Alice or Mirror Demon.
  • Cards that would be great for this card are Nightmare Doll, Alice and Mirror Demon. This will add a decent attack power to your cards, and when they are boosted with Midnight Bunny or Purple Trapezist. When using Nightmare Bunny, Alice would have 20000 Attack Power and Demon would have 18000 Attack power. Using Purple Trapezist, Alice would have 19000 Power and Demon would have 17000 Power. That is a big difference then the normal 17000/15000 and 15000/14000 power you would recieve without GBT's Vanguard ability. If you also use Jumping Jill with her ability, then she would have 22000/21000 Power, which makes blocking her that much more dificult.