• Use cards like Margal or Silent Sage, Sharon to gain a total of 6000 power for the turn. Margal or Sharon both give +3000 to a unit by moving into the soul, and Baron gains +3000 when a unit is moved into a soul. That makes Baron at 14000 before boosting, meaning that it can EASILY hit the magic numbers of 20k when boosting with a 6k unit or 21k with a 7k unit.
  • Another thing you could do is use this unit with Young Pegasus Knight. That would be 8000(Baron) +6000(Pegasus Boost) +3000(Margal/Sharon Boost) +6000 (Baron/Pegasus Effect). That would be a total of 23000, which forces even the permanent 13000 crossrides to block with at least 2 units. If you move two cards into the soul in one turn, this column will be 26k without any other boosts, so you can use two Margals to power up your other units and still have this column hitting huge numbers.
  • This card can gain +6000 power with the effect of Greedy Hand, so long as you have at least one other grade 2 or less «Dark Irregulars» in your deck to place in the soul.  Combined with Young Pegasus Knight, this makes a 26000 power row.
  • This unit, as well as Young Pegasus Knight, are great rear guards in a deck using Lohengrin or Pendragon, as those two units' effects add a card to the soul in the main phase. Do note, however, that Pendragon is not guaranteed this soul adding.