• Alternatively, you can place this card behind a Unit without an on-hit skill, while your other lane(s) are occupied by units that do have on-hit skills. That way your opponent will either have to guard all of your attacks, or allow you to use one of your effects.
  • While this Unit's retirement is still a one-for-one process, it is an effective tactical move - if you have a high-powered Vanguard like Dragonic Overlord / Dragonic Overlord the End, your opponent may not be able to stage efficient assaults without boosts. This is especially true when your opponent is relying on 8000 Power units to break the 16000 / 18000 thresholds, in which case retiring those Units, of which they will only typically run four in their deck, is a great notion.
  • You should also target units with effects that may be used such as Pongal, Units which can power up like Thousand Ray Pegasus, and Units that can increase their power on boosting such as Photon Bomber Wyvern. Since some of those Units may be situational, your opponent might not run a lot of them, and destroying them can put a dent to their strategy.
  • You could put this card to boost a Dragonic Waterfall because with Waterfall you would be attacking the Vanguard with Waterfall's skills means it will have a lot of power for an almost sure way of using Heatnail's skill and even if they guard you will have cost them valuable cards from their hand.
  • You might as well use this unit in a deck that focus on standing. With the arriving of Dauntless Drive Dragon, you can place this unit behind the vanguard, and you might as well retire 2 of your opponent's rear-guard at one shot.
    • Since this unit only returns to the deck at the end of turn, you can use its skill again if you manage to stand it and the unit in front of it.