• It's advised not to use this ability with General Seifried recklessly. That is because, unlike Juggernaut Maximum, this is NOT a Grade 3 card. You may use this card effect to free up your zone for an empty slot, but other than that, it is not a good choice if you do not have a high amount of grade 3 units to use Seifrieds.
  • Can be used well in combination with Sky Diver. Attack with Sky Diver, send it to the soul, call brakki, and use its effect to bounce it. Attack with Seifried to possibly check into a grade 3 replacement.
    • Assuming you have the ideal hand and field layout, you can attack with Diver, put it in the soul and call Brakki, attack with brakki and return it. Attack with a rear-guard Juggernaut Maximum, return it with its effect. Attack with a Seyfried, and with luck hit 2 grade 3s. This combo tops at a maximum of 9 attacks if you run 4 sky diver. 5 attacks for the first wave of attacks, and 9 if you check into two sky divers. (skydiver > brakki, skydiver> brakki, Seyfried, skydiver> any spike bros, skydiver> any spike bros.)
  • In Extreme Fights, you can use this card in a Scarlet Witch, CoCo deck so you can use her skill twice by re-riding her and then emptying the soul with his skill.