• Easy ways to put useful units in the drop early for Cocytus to revive:
    • Chappie the Ghostie lets you drop ANY unit from your deck.
    • Evil Shade and Ruin Shade can mill cards early, but note that its random miling.
    • Captain Nightkid's skill can be used early to set up Cocytus, just note that it will take 3 Counterblasts, and having to send Nightkid to the soul somewhat negates the advantage of Cocytus reviving a unit. Three Star Chef, Pietro can be good to unflip the counterblast spent by Nightkid.
    • Dancing Cutlass's skill will put the Grade 1 you ride in the drop, you might need using Rough Seas Banshee or returning your first Vanguard to the soul to be able to pay Cutlass's cost.
    • Skeleton Demon World Knight's skill requires discarding a card which you can immediately revive with Cocytus.
    • Intercept with a useful Grade 2 like Skeleton Swordsman.
  • If you are forced to revive a weak unit like a trigger, you can still use it as fodder to revive Samurai Spirit or Deadly Nightmare OR if you Cross Ride Ice Prison Hades Emperor, Cocytus "Яeverse", you can lock that unit.
  • Evil Shade and Dragon Spirit are good units to boost this card. Evil Shade can also send cards to the drop which you can revive by riding a second Cocytus, however, remember not to overuse Evil Shade's skill. Dragon Spirit's skill requires soulblasting but Granblue can consistently fill the soul with cards like Rough Seas Banshee.