• Run this card with Juggernaut Maximum, Highspeed, Brakki, and/or Reckless Express in your deck. Attack with them and soul blast to send them back into your deck.
  • Use Luck Bird to take advantage of the soul you may have built up. 2-3 Luck Bird is staple.
  • Sky Diver is also a viable option for the deck, but the -2000 power might not work so much for you.
  • Exile Dragon can be used with Imperial Daughter on the Vanguard and Exile Dragon as a rear-guard, as it can retire himself (and possibly the opponent's rear-guard) without any cost.
  • Triggers such as Black Cannon Tiger, Dark Queen of Nightmareland and Rainbow Magician can be used to boost your rear-guards that combo with this card, to be recycled back into the deck right after the attack hits. But, since mostly cards that combo with this unit is Spike Brothers, this choice for your deck is not advisable.
  • Try using Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya with this card. Start with Little Witch Lulu and then Soulblast for an extra card, then bounce it to your hand with Sakuya's skill. During that turn, your VG will be attacking for 14k if you have 4 or more cards in your hand which is good against most grade 2 cards considering that they are 9k. In the next turn you can ride Imperial Daughter and she will lose her "Restraint."
  • This card makes a great solo attacker, reaching 21000 Power and 2 Critical.
  • For a deck that requires soul, this would make a good card to use. (watch those counterblasts though)
  • This card is especially useful against Eradicator, Tempest Bolt Dragon's, Eradicator, Twin Thunder Dragon's and Detonics Drill Dragon's Limit Breaks.