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  • Cards that can revive this card from the soul are Nightmare Doll, Alice and Mirror Demon. Both of these would make an excellent "Grand Finale" to Alice's Comination, as when she is revived from the soul, she will have more starting attack with even the grade 3 Alice!
  • Make sure not to pull her out to soon though, as even with the 12000 power that rivals even the grade 3 alice which dragged her out into center stage, she lacks the ability to move back into the soul, and she would be left vulnerable with 9000 power after her trick finishes.
  • If you have her on the field, and you need her back in the Soul so you can grab your Alice again, Purple Trapezist is a great card to use. This not only lets you get your Alice/Mirror demon back, but it also sets up for your combo AGAIN (As long as you have a counterblast to use it.)!

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