• Even assuming you are able to use the effect of Knight of Tribulations, Galahad to fill your Soul, you will still need an additional Unit in the Soul before you can use this card's effect. For that purpose, Silent Sage, Sharon, Margal and Pongal are easy ways to get what you need.
    • Using the effect of Giro (it goes to the Soul after guarding) is another way to fill up the Soul. The effect of Wingal Brave can also be used to increase your Soul.
  • Running Demon Slaying Knight, Lohengrin as backup in case you don't get the correct pieces in the Soul by means of Riding is suggested.
    • Dream Painter is another way to get the required cards in the Soul.
  • If you do not plan to ultimately use Soul Saver Dragon's effect, which would deplete your Soul, Units such as Gigantech Dozer and Borgal fit well in a deck centered around this Unit.
  • Boosting this Unit with Pongal or Little Sage, Marron while using its effect twice will cause its Power to increase to 24000 or 25000 respectively.
  • Before you waste your damage on using its effect, try and make sure your opponent does not currently hold any Perfect Guards, or otherwise does not have a lot of 10000 Shield Units. If your opponent has a lot of hand advantage over you and will be able to guard this Unit's powered-up attack easily, it may be best to conserve your damage for a tactical ability, such as High Dog Breeder, Akane or Blaster Blade instead.
  • It is a good idea to use Galahad's skill as soon as you ride it if you rode each Galahad without failing and got the sixth card on the soul because the opponent's hand will most likely be small due to few drive checks so they won't be able to guard the attack without losing most or their entire hand, if they don't guard it you will inflict a lot of damage early. Either option your opponent chooses will result in you getting a lot of advantage.