• You can use this Unit as your starting Vanguard, since the one extra Soul Charge from Hades Ringmaster will usually not be so crucial to the game. With this Unit, you can get a net gain of 10000 extra Shield, which will generally be much more valuable - but it requires good timing and hand management.
  • If need be, you can use more Units than necessary to guard an attack, to enable the use of this card.
    • With the update of the rulebook, it is now possible to guard with Grade 3 or higher units, thus making it easier to use this card's skill.
  • You can run more copies of this card and place them in the Soul, either by Soul Charging or manually by Purple Trapezist, to have spare guards to use in a pinch. Just be careful not to disrupt your deck's balance with the added Grade 0 Units.
  • This unit is very good against an Oracle Think Tank deck which has Silent Tom, because this unit's skill is a superior guarding, from the Soul.
  • With the release of Set BT09, you can use Smiling Presenter as your starting vanguard to put this unit into the soul.