• A simple combo to use this unit is to have two copy of it, one on VC, and one on RC.
    • Attack with your rear-guard Lion Heat, and if it hits, you can pay the cost to stand up your booster (preferably Toolkit Boy or Dancing Wolf).
    • Then attack with your vanguard. If you hit the vanguard or checks a Stand Trigger, you may stand your rear-guard Lion Heat and have another attack.
  • You can use this unit's skill to stand units that rest themselves, such as Rocket Hammer Man.
  • Using this unit's skill when it is boosted by Beast Deity, Blank Marsh will gain you a new standing column, providing you have a Grade 2 Beast Deity (if you use it on RC).
    • Using Gold Rutile the vanguard will increase the efficiency, as it will unflip one of your damage.
  • You may use this unit's skill to stand a unit boosted by Cray Soldier for a new attack lane.
  • You may use this unit's skill to prevent your opponent's tricks that prevent your rear-guard from standing, such as Megacolony's mechanic, or just to prevent Stealth Millipede's and Tail Joe's skill from activating.