Midnight bunny is a great way to get off an exra attack using a single counterblast. Her main downfall is that her skill only can be used to bring out something other then herself, somewhat preventing a consistant attack of bunnys

With the release of Purple Trapezist, a brilient combo was able to be used. Getting lucky with a soul charge or using Dancing Princess of the Night Sky's ability to get trapezest into the soul Is the hardest pert of the combo. Once an attack that bunny boosts hits, counterblast one and put her into the soul to bring out trapezest then use her skill to put in and out the resting rear guard unit that is in the same column as trapezest and either take the same thing back out, or take out a unit with a more desired skill or a more that has more power. Now you have another full on attack that your oponent might need to drop upwards of 10k in shields to guard.

If you want to make your oponent blow their hand, make sure they know about bunnys skill, because they will do anything to prevent that second attack, especially if they alredy let a similiar attack go through earlier in the game.