• This card, along with Nightmare Doll, Alice and Midnight Bunny, is a key card to have in the rear guard of the Pale Moon clan. This has the shared ability to search for ANY card in your soul and pull it out into the rear guard, at the minimal cost of pushing this card back into the soul. Note, that this is the key to the Combo with Pale Moon.
  • While not as effective as Alice, if you have Midnight Bunny in your rear guard boosting this unit, and another Bunny or Mirror Demon in your soul, you can attack with this card repeatedly, granted that the other side of your field is empty and you have 2 Un-flipped damage zones left over.
  • I've come up with a nice attack combo I came up with when playing Pale Moons. Granted, this had been done already, I feel I am the first one who is putting this out here for desplay. If your opponent is on his or her last string of life, and little guard in their hand, a good combo would go like this. x2 Purple Trapezist, Nightmare Doll, Alice OR Mirror Demon. You need 1 Trapizest in your soul, as well as Alice or Mirror Demon.
1st: Attack with Mirror Demon/Nightmare Doll Alice Boosted with Purple Trapezest.
2nd: Use Demon/Alice's effect to call Purple Trapezest to the Back Rear spot. Then use Trapizest's effect to send the second one to the Soul and call back Alice or Demon. Note, you only need one or the other, NOT both to complete this combo.
3rd: Continue the combo until you are either Blocked, or have exhuasted your damage triggers. By that time, they would more then likely have taken a beating from your onslaught of attacks from your Pale Moon units.