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Card Tips:Mobile Hospital, Feather Palace

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  • As most Angel Feather cards have the ability to heal/reuse damage, this can be used multiple times unlike most Megablast effects. This can make defeating you very difficult as, granted you have a complete back-line, you can usually cycle cards out of your damage zone freely. The only difficulty is the general lack of Soul Charge cards in the deck, and the inability to retrieve cards you are missing. Its sometimes best to use other cards that allow you to swap out damages to ensure you have the cards you want instead of them being discarded.
  • The soulcharge methods are by using some triggers and the Crimson Heart, Nahas . Critical Hit Angel can give some power boosts while Nahas' ability to put both herself and Baruch together to soul fills your soul easily. You can also use Happy Bell, Nociel to get a unit in the soul and swap out the cards that you will need before you heal them.
  • Use this when you have a low hand size, that way you can have an option to not guard.

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