• Use Chappie the Ghostie, Guiding Zombie, Gust Jinn, King Seahorse, Evil Shade and Ruin Shade to get this card to the Drop Zone from the hand or deck.
    • Gust Jinn and King Seahorse allow you to send the specific card you need, but you must have it in your hand first. Chappie the Ghost does the same, but fetches it from the deck instead.
  • It is quite unlikely that you will take 3 damage by your second turn (this would require your opponent dealing 3 damage in one attack which, even if they start first, will not happen often). However, you can play this card in a different way. You can use a deck which runs a minimum amount of Grade 3 Units, greatly reducing the number of dead draws during the late game, and a small amount of Counter Blasts. Then, you can get Monster Frank to the Drop Zone and revive it by your third turn. Even though Monster Frank does not have any other effects, together with Evil Shade it can make for a reasonable attacker, while at the same time allowing you more deckbuilding options.