Use this card as the effect cost of Purple Trapezist to call another unit from soul,preventing the minus effect to occur during the end phase and therefore scoring a permanent +1 in terms of card advantages

For better result, re-use Purple Trapezist effect by the effect of Magician of Quantum Mechanics. First, set up trapezist to be in your soul. Next turn during the beginning of main phase:

1. Soulblast to call Peek-A-Boo from the soul

2. Counterblast 1 to use Quantum effect, calling out trapezist from soul

3. Effect of trapezist occured, send Peek-A-Boo as the cost and call out any unit you want from the soul

4. During the end phase, Quantum and Trapezist switch place, ready to do it next turn and scoring consistent +1 for the cost of 1 counterblast

If Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier is your vanguard, then she will instantly gets +9000 power by the mentioned combo.