When this card is retired at the end phase, you can use its skill to add a copy from your deck to your hand, and supplement to this is School Hunter, Leo-pald's Limit Break at the cost of 1 counterblast, you can call back the Hammsuke you have just retired from your drop zone onto the field and you can use it to intercept on your defending turn if needed.

combo with loop the loop duckbill, tick tock flamingo,leo-pald, blackboard ohm and any great nature that gives a 4k pump.

with this combo you get the following:

1. a super buff up hamtaro.

2. a draw engine

3. a free damage unflipper

4. a free search for another hamtaro to the hand.

and effectively you just gain 3 cards to the hand and a 5k interceptor, with the possibility of forcing a single 5k sheild and up to a 10k shield by himself should he be pump by a leo pald and a bino/mono tiger.