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Card Tips:Perfect Raizer

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  • Keeping Battleraizer on the field rather than sending him back to the deck by boosting not only provides benefits to Perfect Raizer, using his on-Ride effect to place him into the soul, but can benefit Raizer Custom and Hi-powered Raizer Custom too.
  • Alternatively, if Battleraizer is your first vanguard, you can choose to keep him in the soul rather than activate his Forerunner ability if you wish to prepare for Perfect Raizer early.
  • If you are already at the grade 3 and you have an excess of Perfect Raizer s, you can call as many as you can, and then next turn move them all to the soul by riding another one.
  • You can use Mr. Invincible as a Soul building method.
  • Using Transraizer 's effect can quickly fill the field with the raizers needed for Perfect Raizer's critical.
  • Use Draw Triggers to compensate for the large number of cards you lose from using the on-ride effect.
  • Alternatively, you can utilize more critical triggers to further capitalize on this card's effect, and make avoiding to guard a great danger.
  • Perfect Raizer's extra power and critical are nice, but not at the cost of both field and hand advantage. Making effective and efficient use of Perfect Raizer's on-ride skill will require understanding what your current needs for the game are and playing around them. 
  • Make sure you have at least 1 other Raizer on the field or your vanguard will have -2000 power during your opponent's turn.
  • Mr. Invincible's would be a very effective unit to put into your deck as well as Perfect Raizer. It's skill is very useful as you would be able to attack another 3 times.
  • Try saving another copy of this card so you can build the soul again if you have any Raizer cards that cant be placed to the RC due to a full field