• When using Phantom Blaster Dragon's skill, grasping the correct timing is essential. Make sure that you do not rush into using it's effect when you're at 2 damage - don't take out important rearguard units that you actually need or place trigger units on the field just so that they can be sacrificed for PBD's skill. 
  • Consider running cards such as Origin Mage, Ildona  who can get rid of bad columns and not minus its user nearly as heavily (since it draws 2 new cards afterwards). If using this card as the main unit, remember that it's skill is costly, and thus should not be used unless you are planning to end the game or force your opponent to use a perfect guard, while you have a spare attacking unit.
  • Retiring the back row gives you your normal attacks, as well as increasing pressure to your opponent, possibly requiring 4 or more cards removed from the opponents side in one turn to protect completely from your assault.
  • This card can be searched by:
  • Break Ride this card on its Break Ride version in order to gain huge power and criticals, while cannot be blocked by Sentinels.