• Riding Dragonic Overlord, Dragonic Waterfall, or another strong grade 3 Vanguard over this card allows you to attack for a lot of power. With a good booster behind your Vanguard, you can hit very high numbers.
  • Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara can pick off boosters in the back row, activating this cards' ability when your enemy retaliates.
  • Superior ride Cruel Dragon on this unit to negate Striken's Restraint, get to Grade 3 faster and gain a net Power +2000/Critical +1 for that turn. 
  • If you ride Blast Bulk Dragon on this unit, it gains an extra Power +5000 due to its own skill (on top of the +5000 it gets from Striken's ride skill). This means riding Blast Bulk Dragon on Striken nets you Power +10000/Critical +1.